Breathalyzer Electrochemical Alcohol Sensor


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The FS00702 alcohol sensor is designed based on high-sensitivity electrochemical principles, providing a fast response time without the need for waiting. It comes pre-calibrated at the factory, eliminating the requirement for professional equipment for secondary calibration. The sensor offers two output modes: 0-500ppm (gas alcohol concentration) or 0-500mg/100ml (blood alcohol concentration), making it highly suitable for applications such as drinking and driving detection and pre-employment screening. This sensor simplifies customer development and usage by providing flexibility and convenience.

Detected Gas
Detection Range
Default: 0~500mg/100ml (blood alcohol concentration)
Optional: 0-500ppm (gas alcohol concentration)
0.1mg/100ml OR 0.1ppm
Detection Accuracy
MAX Error ≤ 10% Reading
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7 ~ 6V
Operating Current
10mA (@5V Power Supply)
Warm-up Time
2 mins
Detection Frequency
Default update rate is once per second
Output Mode
UART(3.3V_TTL Level)
Service Life 
2 Years (in the air)
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
15%~95%RH (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
0~99%RH (No Condensation)


1.High-sensitivity electrochemical principle: The sensor detects alcohol rapidly, delivering a quick response time.

2.Factory pre-calibrated: Calibration is performed during manufacturing, removing the need for secondary calibration using professional equipment.

3.Selectable output mode: The sensor allows users to choose between 0-500ppm (gas alcohol concentration) or 0-500mg/100ml (blood alcohol concentration) output modes, facilitating customization and development.

4.Suitable for alcohol-impaired driving testing and pre-employment warning testing: The sensor is well-suited for applications involving alcohol detection in breath or blood samples, enabling efficient testing and screening.


Please note that it is important to adhere to local regulations and guidelines regarding the use of alcohol sensors and testing for alcohol impairment.

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