Fixed VOC air quality tester


The Fixed VOC air quality tester is used to continuously measure toxic and harmful organic VOC gases in dangerous or industrial environments. It can be used alone without the need for real-time online monitoring of a host. It is suitable for personal safety protection and on-site VOC detection. It is mainly used to detect VOC concentration in workshops and factory boundaries, emergency monitoring of safety accidents, and rapid detection of exhaust gas emission concentration compliance.


Fixed VOC air quality tester function

Fixed VOC air quality tester is a fixed, liquid crystal display volatile organic compound gas detector independently developed and designed by Fosensor using more than ten years of technical experience. The signal defaults to 4-20mA current output. The product uses the most advanced microelectronic processing technology and is equipped with a high-precision gas sensor to detect target gases quickly and accurately. The product has the highest three-proof design in the gas detection industry: protection against high-concentration overload (with self-protection function), protection against misoperation by personnel (built-in buttons + restore to factory settings), and protection against lightning strikes (level three standards). Intrinsically safe circuit design, equipped with aluminum alloy explosion-proof housing, can be used safely even in harsh environments.


Fixed VOC air quality tester working principle

Fixed VOC air quality tester for gas diffusion. The detection principle is that when the target gas enters the gas probe part, the internal sensor will first emit a sense. The sensor generates a certain power signal according to the gas concentration. After the signal is amplified by the circuit, the CPU outputs accurate 4-20mA current signals and RS485 communication signals after AD sampling, temperature compensation, and intelligent calculation.


Fixed VOC air quality tester is used in monitoring system applications

Petroleum and petrochemical, chemical plants, smelting plants, steel plants, coal plants, thermal power plants, medical research, pharmaceutical production workshops, tobacco companies, environmental monitoring, school scientific research, building construction, fire alarms, sewage treatment, industrial gas process control, boiler rooms, Waste treatment plants, tunnel construction, oil pipelines, gas stations, underground gas pipeline maintenance, indoor air quality testing, hazardous site safety protection, aerospace, military equipment monitoring, etc.



●Intrinsically safe circuit design, safe and reliable;

● Large-screen LCD display, 24-hour online monitoring, real-time display of gas concentration;

● High-precision gas sensor with fast response speed, low error rate and strong anti-interference ability;

● More than 200 gases, multiple ranges, and multiple signal outputs to choose from;

● Powerful sound and light alarm function, the sound is above 85dB;

● Customers can set alarm points and other functions by themselves according to their needs;

● Built-in buttons + factory reset function to avoid misoperation;

● Comes with full-scale temperature compensation and data correction functions, which improves the accuracy and stability of the product;

● Through the remote control, the detector can be calibrated for alarm point, zero adjustment and target point without opening the cover;

● Unique structural design, installation, wiring is simple and convenient, cost saving.

● Aluminum alloy cast explosion-proof shell, safe and guaranteed;

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