Made in China nh3 gas sensors Module for Refrigeration System


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The FS01601 NH3 sensor is a fuel cell-type electrochemical sensor designed for ammonia detection. It operates by the reduction reactions occurring at the working electrode and counter electrode, resulting in the release of charges and the formation of a current. The magnitude of this current is directly proportional to the concentration of ammonia present, following Faraday's law. By measuring the current, the sensor can accurately determine the concentration of ammonia.



Detected Gas
Detection Principle
Three-electrode electrochemistry
Detection Range 
Maximum load capacity 
Detection Accuracy
Maximum error ≤ ±5% of reading
Response Time
T90 ≤60s
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7 ~ 5.5V
Operating Current
<0.3mA (@5V Power Supply)
Warm-up Time
3 mins
Detection Frequency
Default update rate is once per second
Output Mode
UART(3.3V_TTL Level)
Modbus-RS485 (Reserved)
4~20mA、0~5V、0~10V (customizable)
Service Life 
1 Year (in the air)
32.3x32.3x16.5 mm
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
0%~95%RH (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
0~99%RH (No Condensation)
Pressure Range
800~1200 mbar


Utilizes high stability gas sensors and high-performance microprocessors for reliable performance.

Supports UART output and Modbus-RS485 output, providing convenient connectivity options.

Precise automation calibration and testing equipment ensure the accuracy and consistency of data.

Offers high sensitivity, stability, and resolution for precise ammonia concentration measurements.

Exhibits excellent anti-interference ability with temperature compensation, ensuring reliable operation in various environments.

Provides an outstanding linear output, facilitating easy interpretation of ammonia concentration levels.

Features low power consumption and a long service life, resulting in cost-effectiveness and durability.

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