SF6 Infrared Gas Sensor Module FS00803


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SF6 + O2 + O3 Gas sensor
FS00803 is an integrated sensor that can simultaneously detect and provide real-time output of gas concentration indicators such as sulfur hexafluoride, ozone, and oxygen. The sensor transmits the detected data through the RS485 bus, offering stable performance, complete functionality, and high cost-effectiveness. It greatly facilitates the development and use of related instruments and equipment. Additionally, it is also suitable for safety monitoring of power grid equipment.

Detected Gas
SF6 , O2, O3
Detection Range for SF6
0~1500ppm (expandable)
Solution for SF6 
Accuracy for SF6
≤ ±1% of the reading 
Service life for SF6
10 years
Detection Range for O3
Detection Range for O3
Accuracy for O3
≤ ±2% of the reading
Service life for O3
2 years
Detection Range for O2
Detection Range for O2
Detection Range for O2
≤ ±0.5%Vol
Detection Range for O2
2 years
Stabilization time
Detection frequency
The data is updated once per second (default)
Output mode
Modbus-485 (default)
140.4x134.5x45.3 mm
Operating Voltage
DC 3.3V~6.0V
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
Storage Temperature
-20℃~ 60℃
Storage Humidity
Pressure range
800~1200 mbar

* Simultaneous detection of sulfur hexafluoride, oxygen, and ozone
* Flexible detection options available for different customer needs
* Long lifespan with consistent performance over time
* Fast response time and high data accuracy
* Strong adaptability to various environmental conditions, suitable for use in special environments.

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