Semiconductor TVOC Sensor FS00602


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TVOC Sensor
The FS00602 TVOC module is a semiconductor gas sensor based on MEMS technology, used to detect a variety of organic volatile compounds in the air, such as odors, alcohol, formaldehyde, etc. It is waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, and can be used in range hoods.

Detected Gas
Organic volatile gases such as odors, smells, foul odors, smoke, alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, etc
Detection Range
TVOC: 0-5000μg/m³
Formaldehyde: 0~1500μg/m3 (simulated)
Carbon dioxide: 400-5000ppm (simulated)
Stabilization Time
2 mins
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7~6.0V
Output Modes
Default: UART
Service Life
10 years
* Used to detect various organic volatile compounds in the air, such as odor, alcohol, formaldehyde, etc.
* Waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof, can be used for range hood.
* High sensitivity, short response time.
* Low power consumption with small operating current.
* Strong anti-vibration and shock resistant.
* 10 years of service life with high cost performance.

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