Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Gas Sensor FS01500


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The FS01500 is an electrochemical sensor designed to detect oxygen gas (O2). It operates using fuel cell technology, where oxidation and reduction reactions occur on the working electrode and counter electrode, generating a current proportional to the oxygen concentration according to Faraday's law. The FS01500 incorporates a high-stability gas sensor and a high-performance microprocessor, supporting UART output and Modbus-RS485 output for easy integration. The module utilizes precise automatic calibration and detection equipment to ensure data accuracy and consistency during large-scale production.


Features of the Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Gas Sensor FS01500:

Detection Range:

Default: 025%Vol

Customizable: 30%-100%


High Accuracy, Consistency, and Solution with Rapid Response:

Maximum detection error: ≤0.5%Vol

Minimum solution: 0.1%Vol

Response time (T90): ≤10s


Data Output Methods:

Supports UART and MODBUS-RS485 (FS02001)

Customizable: 45V, 0~10V

Long Service Life:

Up to 2 years in air

High Detection Frequency:

Data updates once per second by default


Gas detectors and instrumentation equipment

Ventilators and medical/health equipment

Safety monitoring in industrial mines, tunnels, etc.

Farms, smart agriculture, and animal husbandry.

Detected Gas
Detection Principle
Three-electrode electrochemistry
Detection Range
0 to 25%Vol (default) 
30%-100% (customizable) 
Detection Accuracy
Maximum error ≤0.5%Vol 
Response Time
T90 ≤10s
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7 ~ 5.5V
Operating Current
<10mA (@5V Power Supply)
Warm-up Time
3 mins
Detection Frequency
Default update rate is once per second
Output Mode
UART(3.3V_TTL Level)
Modbus-RS485 (Reserved)
4~20mA、0~5V、0~10V (customizable)
Service Life 
2 Years (in the air)
32.3x32.3x16.5 mm
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
0%~95%RH (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
0~99%RH (No Condensation)
Pressure Range
800~1200 mbar

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