Methane Combustible Gas Sensor FS1200A


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CH4 Sensor
FS01200A is a semiconductor methane sensor probe that is highly sensitive to polluting gases. It utilizes a multi-layer thick film manufacturing process to create a miniature ceramic substrate with a heating element on one side and a metal oxide semiconductor gas-sensitive layer on the other, connected by electrode leads and encapsulated in a TO-5 metal shell.

Detected Gas
Detection Principle
catalytic combustion
Detection Range 
Detection Accuracy
Maximum error ≤ ±5% of reading
Response Time
T90 ≤60s
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7 ~ 5.5V
Operating Current
<10mA (@5V Power Supply)
Warm-up Time
3 mins
Detection Frequency
Default update rate is once per second
Output Mode
UART(3.3V_TTL Level)
Modbus-RS485 (Reserved)
4~20mA、0~5V、0~10V (customizable)
Service Life 
2 Years (in the air)
32.3x32.3x12.7 mm
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
0%~95%RH (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
0~95%RH (No Condensation)
Pressure Range
800~1200 mbar
• Low power consumption, long lifespan
• Low cost, small size
Resistant to alcohol and smoke
• Simple application circuit.

Company Profile
Fosensor Electronics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, and production of gas sensors. Founded in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in 2015, the company has formed gas sensing technology advantages based on principles such as optics (infrared, laser, etc.), electro-chemistry, MEMS semiconductors, PID, and so on. After several years of rapid development. Our products are widely used in various fields such as smart home appliances, environmental monitoring, instrumentation, smart grid,automotive electronics, energy storage monitoring, lithium-ion thermal runaway monitoring, medical health, robotics, intelligent security, smart agriculture, smart cities, and other fields, and also we are continuously expanding our application areas.

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