Infrared Air Quality Dust Sensor FS00218


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Infrared Air Quality Dust Sensor FS00218

The FS00218 is a weight-type dust sensor composed of an optical sensing system, which consists of an infrared light-emitting tube, an infrared receiving tube, a lens, a light-shielding casing, a shielding cover and a circuit board. When the airflow-carrying dust particles passes through the detection area irradiated by the infrared light-emitting tube, the forward scattered light generated is received by the photoelectric receiving tube, and a voltage signal proportional to the dust concentration is output after the signal is amplified.


Detection principle
Principle of Infrared Light Scattering
Detection particle size range
0.3~10 μm
PM.5 output consistency
>100 ug/m³ Allowable maximum error ±15%
<100 ug/m³ Allowable maximum error ±15ug/m³
PM2.5 output range
Working conditions
-10~65℃,0~95% RH
Storage conditions
-20~80℃, 0~95% (non-condensing)
Operating Voltage
DC 5V ± 0.2V (power supply ripple 50mV Max)
Operating Current
Standby Current
Optional Output
≥ 3 years

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