0~10ppm O3 Ozone Gas Sensor


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0~10ppm O3 Ozone Gas Sensor

The FS01101 series ozone sensor is designed to accurately measure ozone gas concentrations in the range of 0 to 10 parts per million (ppm). It is based on high-precision electrochemical principles and incorporates precision automated calibration and detection equipment to minimize human interference. This approach ensures accurate and consistent data while facilitating large-scale production. The sensor's small size and ease of integration make it particularly suitable for consumer electronics applications.



Detected Gas
Detection Principle
Detection Range
0~10PPM (Expandable
0.1mg/100ml OR 0.1ppm
Detection Accuracy
Max error ≤ 2% Reading
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7 ~ 6V
Operating Current
<10mA (@5V Power Supply)
Warm-up Time
3 mins
Detection Frequency
Default update rate is once per second
Service Life 
2 Years (in the air)
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
0~95%RH (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
0~99%RH (No Condensation)



Versatile Applications: The FS01101 ozone sensor is applied in various fields, including ozone disinfection machines, power systems, atmospheric monitoring, and food safety.

High-Stability Design: The sensor adopts a high-stability gas sensor and high-performance microprocessor, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements. The UART output makes it easy to integrate and use with other systems.

Compact and Integration-Friendly: This ozone sensor is specifically designed for portable product applications. Its compact size and integration-friendly design make it easy to incorporate into various devices.

Precise Calibration and Consistency: The module employs precise automated calibration and detection equipment, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data while achieving large-scale production.

The FS01101 series ozone sensor is a reliable solution for detecting ozone gas in the range of 0 to 10ppm. Its small form factor, ease of integration, and accurate measurements make it suitable for various consumer electronics applications, such as ozone disinfection, power systems, atmospheric monitoring, and food safety.

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