RTS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor FS00102


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Temperature And Humidity Transmitter
The product adopts industrial grade chip, high-precision imported SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor to ensure the excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the product. Using RS485 hardware interface (with lightning protection design), the protocol layer is compatible with standard industrial Modbus-Rtu protocol. This product integrates the MODBUS protocol and the common protocol. The user can choose the communication protocol. The common protocol has an automatic upload function (connecting RS485 through the serial port adjustment tool will automatically output temperature and humidity).

Product Name
Temperature and Humidity Transmiter
Power Supply 
Output method
RS485 Signal
Modbus RTU
Mailing Address
1~254 can be set,  default 1
Baud Rate
Temperature Range
Humidity Range
Temperature Accuracy
Humidity Accuracy
Temperature Resolution
Humidity Resolution
Device Power Consumption
Company Profile
Fosensor Electronics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, and production of gas sensors. Founded in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in 2015, the company has formed gas sensing technology advantages based on principles such as optics (infrared, laser, etc.), electro-chemistry, MEMS semiconductors, PID, and so on. After several years of rapid development. Our products are widely used in various fields such as smart home appliances, environmental monitoring, instrumentation, smart grid,automotive electronics, energy storage monitoring, lithium-ion thermal runaway monitoring, medical health, robotics, intelligent security, smart agriculture, smart cities, and other fields, and also we are continuously expanding our application areas.

The company has strong research and development capabilities, currently owning more than 100 patents for inventions and utility models, as well as over 30 software copyrights. It is the main drafting unit for documents such as "Henan Province Environmental Air Particle Sensor Calibration Specifications" and "Particle Measurement Instrument."

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